Example Widgets

Listed below are a range of widgets that our clients have used in the past for their Live Event Dashboard:

Event check-in
View a break-down of attendees registered for the event based on category, and view the number of attendees who check-in to the event

Badges printed by time
View a break-down of the number of badges printed over time i.e. 'last 60min', 'last 5min'

Item collection
For items such as meals or event swag being collected at an event, this widget displays the number of items collected and remaining.

Session check-in
View the number of attendees who have checked into each session, along with the session name, location and time.

Leads captured
View the number of leads captured by each exhibitor.

Exhibitor idle time
Ensure inactive exhibitors are provided support by monitoring idle time since last action using the Lead Capture device.

Leads captured over time
View aggregated number of leads captured over time to gauge peak activity

Average attendee-exhibitor visits
View a breakdown of the number of exhibitors attendees connected with and the average number of exhibitors visited per attendee

Attendees checked into event vs. session attendance
Determine the proportion of attendees at your event who attended sessions

Session Survey Ratings
View immediate feedback/ratings on sessions

Survey Results
View results to event survey questions and compare against historical results, other locations (for roadshow events)

Number of sales (of products)
View a breakdown of the number of sales made for each product offered at your event

Event registrations
View the breakdown of registrations based on industry/category/organisation (whatever custom fields are used for registration process)

Item sales
View a breakdown of sales for additional items for purchase 

Walk-in vs pre-registration
View a comparison of numbers of walk-in attendees and pre-registered attendees

Recent Arrivals
View the current 15 most recent attendee arrivals at your event

Dashboard Examples

To view an example Live Event Dashboard, click here

Below are example screenshots of a Live Event Dashboard on both desktop and mobile:

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