With any event, it is important to clearly identify what you are trying to achieve. Whether it's to increase sales, build brand awareness, or to provide professional accreditation and educate customers, it's crucial to an event's success to establish an appropriate framework and set of deliverables beforehand. We recognise there are often finite resources post-event to analyse and follow-up on the raw data collected. That's where we step in. The following frameworks can be used to determine high-value customers based on engagement, ensure you speak to your customers about the right content, and empower you to make immediate decisions post-event.

Key insights 

The following areas are examples of information that can be derived by using Insights;

  • Determine which industry/product areas scored highly among attendees

  • Improve future event content by better tailoring to suit attendees

  • Determine highly engaged attendees through quantitative metrics

  • Determine proportionate interest in different segments

  • Arm sales staff with information that is relevant to prospects/customers 

  • Ensure consistency of personas/segments used in digital marketing/sales strategies through to your physical event

  • Validate existing segments/personas for attendees within your CRM

  • Report on marketing campaign performance for event registrations 

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