Jomablue has built in Survey sending functionality that automatically handles the personalisation and building of short/long survey links. However, there might be scenarios where you want to build the links for use in external systems.

Survey URL structure

The survey URL's can be constructed with some knowledge of how URL's work, as well as a People Export from Jomablue. The export will contain all the data required to construct the URL, but some manual filtering and construction will be required before a campaign can be sent (eg: removing people that have not had their badge printed)

Jomablue surveys contain unique parameters in the URL that identifies the respondent and the survey they are responding too. The survey URL must be complete and correct of the survey may fail to load.

A Survey URL contains: 

  • Base URL (the URL of your Jomablue organisation)

  • Survey Identifier (ID)

  • qr_uid (the unique identifier of a person)

Example Survey URLs for a person:
(these are non working links)

The following example is for survey ID = 2 and person qr_uid of f3372687-56ee-424a-915b-4f09ab74192d

The following example for survey ID = 8 and a person qr_uid of 36419b25-9efc-4434-85fc-40971c9f1621

Finding the Survey ID

Navigate to Surveys and click on the survey.
Select Preview
You can now find the survey ID in the preview URL.
In the below example, you can see the survey ID is 8. 



Links can be tested by simply following the link in your browser. If the URL is constructed correctly and the person has attended the event, the survey will load successfully.

Please note: There is no callback that presents the qr_uid as the persons name or any other identifying remarks. 


Important considerations

  • Ensure you update the base URL with your organisations Jomablue domain 

  • The Jomablue survey is designed for attendees only, you are unable provide a survey to people that have not had their badge printed. Please ensure you filter the export correctly before sending any campaigns so that users don't receive any errors. 

  • Do not add any tracking parameters as this may have unexpected results.

  • Be careful when dragging formulas in excel, as incorrect references could copy the same survey link for all attendees.

  • We don't recommend using URL shorteners as it might create undesired effects.

  • Always link to https:// (not http://).

  • Surveys can only be submitted once

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