Jomablue has a number of teams and services available to support and work with you during the course of your entire event life cycle. 

Project Manager

During the course of your event your primary point of contact with Jomablue will be your Jomablue Project Manager.

Customer Success Team

In addition to your Project Manager, the Jomablue Customer Success Team will be on hand to work with you during your event. A Lead Customer Success Team member will work closely with you and your Project Manager during the entire life cycle of your event, but the entire Customer Success Team may also work with you.

Support and Servicedesk

Additionally, the Jomablue Support team will be on hand to provide any assistance needed during the life cycle of your event. For technical support, you can reach the Support team via For all other support and project-related matters, you can contact the Customer Success Team via

You can also reach out to us via the live text chat available to you in the Jomablue Portal, on, and right here in our User Guide. Click on the blue circle at the bottom right of the screen to start a conversation with us!

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