Prior to launching your Event App you'll need to have the following creative assets:

Event App Social Share Image

1200 x 630px png
This is displayed when the Event App link is shared via social media channels, chat programs and other websites. This is often referred to as the og:image. This needs to be generic about your brand or the brands Event App and not specific to one Event.  Here is the example of the default: 


Event App Icon

512 x 512px png

The icon that is displayed on a users home screen when the app is saved. This should reflect your brand and not a single Event as it will contain multiple Events. Here is the default:

Event-Level Customisation

The following settings are available for customising your Event App for a specific event. This allows you to have multiple events (including concurrent events) with different creative assets - the header image, colour palette, and welcome message can all be customised.

Event App Header Image

The Header Image for the Event App must be a JPG or PNG image file, at a resolution of 1200x300 pixels. An example of the Header image on the Event App Home Page can be seen below:

Event App Menu Image

The Event App Menu Image appears as the header of the Menu in the Event App. It must be a JPG or PNG image, at a resolution of 600 x 192 pixels. An example image within an Event App Menu can be found below:

Event App Colour

The Event App can make use of a custom colour scheme which can be used to keep your App on-brand for your organisation. The colour must be provided in hexadecimal format (e.g. #007FC4), and it must be contrasting to white so the on-screen elements are easily visible. An example of a colour that is sufficiently contrasting to white can be seen below:

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