To schedule an Announcement in the Event App, you'll need to do the following:

  • In Jomablue, navigate to App Specific > Announcements in the left-hand menu
  • Click on the New Announcement button at the top right of the page
  • Populate the fields in the Announcement editor (explanations of the fields can be found in the next section)
  • Click Save at the top right of the page

The Announcement Editor

Upon creating a new Announcement, you'll be presented with the above view. Each of the fields does the following:

  • Announcement Title - the title at the top of the Announcement Card (60 character limit)
  • Audience - the target audience that will receive the Announcement. This can either be set to "all" or "category" - if "category" is selected, a second drop-down menu of Categories appears below it where you can select a Category, which will restrict the Announcement to appearing in the Feed of that Category only. Note that you can only select a single Category - if you have an Announcement intended for some but not all Categories, you'll need to create multiple Announcements
  • Link Label - the Announcement Card can contain an external URL, allowing you to add a link to an external website to your Announcement. This field allows you to change the label of the link itself
  • Link URL - the external URL that the Announcement Card Link leads to
  • Visible at - the date and time at which the Announcement will be made visible
  • Content - the main body of content within the Announcement Card (300 character limit)
  • Allow sharing to Twitter - this option simply enables or disables a Twitter sharing link in the Announcement Card
  • Image - this option allows you to upload an image to be displayed in the Announcement Card 
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