The Event App is a fantastic tool to communicate with your Attendees during your Event, as well as provide them with Event information, get feedback from your Attendees, and gather insights about what your Attendees are interested in at your Event. As such, it's important to ensure that your Attendees are aware of the App, and what it can do. For this purpose we have prepared a summary of the features of the App which you will be able to provide to your Attendees so they are aware of the available features.

A few tips to help you get the most out of our Event App:

1. The Event App is a Progressive Web App, and is accessed through your device's web browser. While it does not require installation, we recommend saving it to the Home Screen of your device using the following methods:

  • iOS (iPhone) users: Tap the Share icon in the Safari browser, and then tap the "Add to Home Screen" button
  • Android users: upon visiting the App for the first time, you will be prompted to add it to your Home Screen. However if you miss the prompt, open the menu of your browser and find the "Add to Home Screen" button

2. The Event App does not require logging in to use, but logging in will provide you with a personalised experience and will give access to the Feed and Networking features. You can log in with the email address or mobile/cell phone number that you provided upon registering for the Event. To log in, open the App menu and tap "Login", then tap "Mobile" or "Email" to use your preferred login method. The App will then ask for a code which Jomablue will send to your mobile phone or email address (depending on which option you selected), which you can enter into the App to log in

3. The Event App will provide you with access to the Agenda, Session, and Speakers information. As soon as you access the App, you can start reviewing Sessions and plan which streams you wish to attend on the day, and you can add Sessions to your own personal Agenda

4. The Event App provides access to a list of Vendors at the Event, including details and information about each Vendor that you will be able to view by tapping on a Vendor in the list of Vendors

5. The Event App offers intelligent Networking functionality by recommending connections with other Professional Delegate Attendees. The Networking functionality is strictly opt-in: you will only appear to other Attendees by opting in to the Networking feature, and you can control which details will be available to other Attendees. To use the Networking feature:

  • Log in to the Event App and open the Networking feature from the App menu
  • Complete a Networking Profile and select which contact details you wish to be made available to other Attendees, and opt-in to make your Profile visible
  • View Networking suggestions, displayed with a percentage Recommendation Score
  • Send direct messages inside Networking, and receive invitations to Connect with other Attendees

If you are using the Custom Pages feature, you may wish to include information about your Custom Pages (for example, making your Attendees aware that there is a venue map available in the App).

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