This article explains how you can use Excel to make bulk edits the People data already in Jomablue without an Organisation UID. These could be people that are using Jomablue registration and didn't originate from another system. 

This process could also be used to change the category of people, add entitlements, or edit custom fields. 

The process is relatively straightforward and allows you to use Excel, Sheets or similar to manipulate the existing data as you please, then re-import and override the data in Jomablue.

Please note: This must be done with caution, as this process has the ability to remove or override data provided by people. For example, if someone provided "Acme Ltd" during registration - this is what they expect to see on their badge. 

Making Bulk Edits

Export People Data

  • Navigate to People > Export
  • Optionally add filters or configure which columns you want to include

Editing Data

  • Open exported data file in Excel or similar
  • Make edits as necessary. You can delete columns or rows you don't want to update as part of this process. 
  • IMPORTANT: you must keep the Jomablue UID column in this file. We suggest not editing this column at all. You are unable to add new records to this file.

Processing the Bulk Edit

  • Navigate to People > Import
  • Select your edited file
  • Jomablue will detect the Jomablue UID column and double check if you're attempting to process an update or import a regular import

  • You can then map the fields as you would with a regular import and proceed through the validation steps
  • Once completed, the updates contained within the CSV will be applied to the people in Jomablue. 

Important things to Understand

  • You are unable to update the Organisation UID as part of the bulk update process process
  • Upon completion of the importing wizard, Jomablue will overwrite data in existing records and the data is not recoverable - so be careful! 

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