When planning a Campaign Schedule, it is important to send the right information at the right time. 

e-Ticket Send Campaigns

One of the most important Campaigns are your e-Ticket Send Campaigns. You will want to send these out via both Email and SMS in the days leading up to your Event. We recommend:

  • Send an e-Ticket Email out approximately 3 business days before the first day of your Event
  • Send a reminder SMS on the morning of the first day of the event, 1 hour before the target Category is due to commence check-in

Important: when you have Attendees that belong to multiple Categories and you wish to send e-Tickets (or other Campaigns) to multiple Categories at once, it is important that you stagger the Campaigns for each Category by a few minutes, and ensure that the "Limit to people who have not been sent an e-Ticket email/sms" option is checked. This will ensure that people who belong to multiple Categories will only receive one e-Ticket email/sms.

Tip: if you have different e-Ticket Templates for different Categories, and you wish to prioritise certain e-Tickets over others, set the Campaign you wish to take highest priority first, and then in descending order after that. For example, if you have Delegate and VIP categories, and you wish those Attendees belonging to the Delegate and VIP Categories to receive a VIP e-Ticket, then set the VIP e-Ticket Campaign to send before the Delegate e-Ticket Campaign.

Survey Send Campaigns

In order to get the maximum response rate out of your Post-Event Survey, you will need to send the Survey out at the right time. Send it too early and Attendees will forget about it, send it too late and their experience will no longer be fresh in their mind or they will simply not want to fill it in. We recommend:

  • Scheduling the initial Survey Send Campaign during the closing Session of your Event, or soon after (so your Attendees see it in their inbox during the closing Keynote, or after the Event itself)
  • Scheduling another Survey Send Campaign (restricted to those who have not already submitted their Survey) 1-2 business days after the initial Campaign - this will be close enough that the experience will still be fresh in the Attendees minds, but not too close that it seems aggressive

Planning your Schedule

When devising a Campaign Schedule it's important to record all the details of all Campaigns you schedule - we recommend a spreadsheet application or similar to record all of this. Below we have a sample Campaign Schedule for e-Ticket Send Campaigns, in which we use the following columns:

  • Email or SMS - Specifies whether the Campaign will be sent via Email or SMS
  • Category - Specifies which Categories the Campaign will be sent to, in this case we list all Categories separated by commas
  • When will it be sent - the date and time when the Campaign will be sent
  • Scheduled by - the initials of the people who scheduled the Campaign
  • Key messaging in the communications - a brief overview of the content that will be included in the Campaign itself (in addition to the e-Ticket link)
  • e-Ticket Templates - Specifies the name of the e-Ticket Template used in this Campaign
  • Email Templates - Specifies the name of the Email Template used in this Campaign
  • SMS Templates - Specifies the name of the SMS Template used in this Campaign

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