The vendor journey is designed as a somewhat structured free text field. It can be used if you have limited fields available in your CRM.

For example, if you can only update a single text field such as 'description' on a person record but want to load more information -  the vendor journey might be useful for you.


[Vendor Name]{tag}{{email}}(notes)

Understanding the Layout

Records will only appear if they exist. So if a tag, email or note wasn't included when the lead was captured, you will only see [Vendor Name]

The order is the order of vendors visited (chronological)


[Coca-Cola]{Warm}{{Introduction Email}}{Prospect}[Schweppes]{Hot}(Interested in the new product line)

The person that had the above Journey: 

  • Visited Coca-Cola

  • Coca-Cola tagged them with Warm and Prospect tags

  • Coca-Cola sent the email titled "Introduction Email"

  • Visited Schweppes

  • Schweppes tagged them with Hot

  • Schweppes added a note of Interested in the new product line

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