iOS support for Web App Manifests is still "In Development". In the meantime the Event App has a build in prompt to remind users to install the app to their home screen.

Jomablue Event App supports auto detection of iOS users and their browser and will present a popup to encourage adding the Event App to their home screen.

Please Note: Adding the app to the home screen is only supported in Safari on iOS

For iOS users the install process is a 3-tap process when using Safari: 

  • Tapping the share icon
  • Selecting "Save to Home Screen"
  • Press Save

Here is the workflow of the functionality;

Prompt Examples


When the prompt will and will not appear

  • Prompt does not appear when app is in standalone mode ("added to home screen")
  • The prompt appears after a 2 second delay 
  • The prompt disappears after 10 second delay for that session
  • The prompt disappears after any click on screen for that session
  • The prompt will reappear if opened in a new tab
  • Pressing "x" on the prompt will hide the prompt forever 
  • The prompt wont display if the event app is already saved to home screen

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