The event app uses worldwide caching to ensure we can deliver fast in-app experiences to users worldwide. This means no matter where you are in the world, the content on the app loads quickly for the best experience possible. 

As part of caching the content, updates to the event app content can take up to 60 seconds to rollout and be visible in the event app.

This is only noticeable if you are the one making changes in Jomablue and are refreshing the app to double check your work - to the attendees this up-to 60 second delay is not noticeable at all. 

How to see your updates immediately

If you are updating content and want to see the change instantly you can simply add this URL parameter are you will always see your updates immediately. 

Be careful, this URL should only be used for you to check the content and never distributed as the link for attendees to access the event app. 

Simply add the following parameter to any event app URL: ?cache=0 

For example:

Can't see updates in the event app
Event App not updating
App not refresing

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