The Event App Settings allows you to customise the Login Page Custom Introduction. Below you will see a brief overview of what this looks like. To get to this setting, go to App Specific > Settings. Here you will see that below screen so that you can edit and customise your Event App Login Screen details.

Below is a closer look at the customisation box. New features enable you to create hyperlinks to specific websites and to also allow you to add images and to customise the text that your participants see.

Once you are satisfied with your customised text, go to the Event App (in the button at the top right of the Jomablue page you are on). Once you get to the app, in the top left-hand side of the page, click the three horizontal lines and go to the Login page. Here you will see your customised text that you have created for your participants to view upon logging into your event.

A video demonstration of this process can be found below:

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