Onsite Free Registration Sites are designed to be an express and fluid onsite experience to support the best attendee experience. Therefor, the behaviours and workflows differ from other Site types.

Security Limitations

Often, On-site Free Registration are run in Chrome Kiosk mode and when doing so there are security rules that prevent how can access information from third party websites. In short, if you host terms and conditions on your website, depending on the configuration enforced by your website, it's likely we are unable to load the content of the website within a "frame" of the On-Site Free Registration workflow.  

Note: Other Sites open external links in a new tab, which isn't subject to the same constraints and doesn't interrupt the users workflow as they're not in kiosk mode.

Jomablue now supports an Additional Information popup. This popup is designed to display any information you want to convey to the people using this Site. It could be: 

  • Registration Terms and Condition
  • Information about swag collection
  • Code of Conduct

Content Support

The popup supports basic heading and paragraph styling as well as images. The images is useful if you wanted to include a QR code that links to your already hosted terms and conditions. 

Due to the the same constraints described above, links within this content are not supported. 

Example Content: 

I already have terms and conditions hosted externally?

Firstly, you need to consider the onsite experience if someone was to read your terms and conditions word for word. If your terms and conditions are quite long, we would suggest there is a method onsite to extract that person from the On-site Free Registration device while they read the terms and conditions, then return to the device once completed. 

If you already have your terms and conditions hosted externally, we offer the following suggestions for the optimum On-site Free registration experience: 

  • Have a printed copy at the registration desk. 
  • Generate a QR code (https://www.qr-code-generator.com) to the terms and conditions. That way a user can load them on their own phone and read them before continuing. 
  • Add a short introduction in additional information and provide them with a non-clickable URL in the additional information so they can type it into their own device (like the bit.ly example above)

User Experience

Similar to external links, the Additional Information button is displayed in the footer of the On-Site Free Registration page. The label of "View Additional Information" is not customisable text. 

Here you can see the footer button:

Pressing this button reveals the Additional Information Popup: 

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