If you're tracking Marketing Campaigns or using any other other URL parameters on any of the Online Free Registration or Online Paid Registration Sites, the Order Custom Fields report is available to provide a list of all Registrations/Orders (paid and free) with their Custom Fields. 

Downloading the report

To download the Order Custom Fields report, navigate to Financial Reports in Jomablue (note that you will need to be a trusted-finance or trusted-admin user to access this page). Then under the Order Custom Fields section, click Generate Report.

Understanding the Order Custom Fields Report

The report is a CSV file containing a list of all Orders associated with the current Event, including the following columns (or column groups):

  • Internal Order ID

  • Public Order ID

  • Order type

  • Order status

  • Billing information

  • Custom Fields

Each of the Custom Field column has a header in the form of "CUSTOM:xxx", where 'xxx' is the key for a Custom Field, and each

Although there is no limit on the number of URL parameters and custom fields you can add to an order, for ease of reporting, it's good practice to decide and reuse keys - whereas the values can be unique to that order.

Here is an example of the URL parameters being saved as Order custom fields and represented in this report. 

Note: If you have no URL parameters or they have been formatted incorrectly, they will not save against the order and therefor this report wont contain any columns past K. 

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onward

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