This guide assumes you have created one or more Free Product(s) to be placed into the Free Onsite Registration Site, and that you have set up your Registration activation page. For instructions on how to create a Free Product, see this article. For instructions on how to configure your Registration activation page, see this article.

To create a Free Onsite Registration Site, navigate to Registration > Configuration, click on the Sites tab, then click on the New Site button. The first thing you need to do is select the Online Free Registration option (see below):

Once you have selected that option you'll see a screen like this:

To create the Online Free Registration Site, fill out the following fields:

  • Title - the Title of your Site - this will be displayed at the top of your Registration form
  • Slug - the end of the URL for your Online Free Registration Site. While this is generally not Attendee-facing, we recommend giving it a meaningful name
  • Description - the description of your Site - displays below the Title
  • Store Header - the Header displayed at the top of your Site - this should be a PNG with dimensions of 1344*200 pixels
  • Background image - the background image for your Site - this should be a PNG with dimensions of 2400*2400 pixels. Note that most of the image will be covered by content or cropped due to different screen sizes on different devices, so use a constant colour or pattern for best results
  • Type - sets the type of Site
  • Active - this can be used to set the Site to Active or Inactive
  • Products available on this site - this is where you can add your Free Products to the Site - click on Add Product to open the list of available Products. Note that Products will display in the order in which they are added
  • External Links - this allows you to add External Links to your Site - these will appear in the Footer of the site, and will open links in new tabs in the user's browser. You can use these for linking your own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages, or to any other site you may wish to make available

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onwards

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