Jomablue Support Requests are a tool designed to empower you to track, manage, and resolve registration-based requests and queries from your customers. Finance-level and higher users in Jomablue have access to the Support Requests section within Jomablue. To access Support Requests, navigate to Registration > Support Requests in the left-hand menu in Jomablue.  

Important: the Support Requests feature empowers you to manage your Support Requests, but it requires you to send and receive email messages via your own email client, as sending and receiving emails directly through the Support Requests view is not supported.

How your Attendees submit Support Requests

Registration Support Requests can be submitted by any of your Attendees upon registering for your Event. They are accessed via a link in the Default Registration Confirmation Email (see below): 

If you are using a Custom Registration Confirmation Email, you are able to add this Support Request link to your Template.

Support Request Types

Support Requests are segmented into three types: Cancellation Requests, Transfer Requests, and Other. This segmentation allows you to easily see how many of each type of request you have in your list of Support Requests, so you are able to quickly and efficiently handle Cancellation and Transfer requests according to your event policies. Other support request types you may receive can include:

  • Requests to change registration information
  • Cancelling part of an Order (for example, cancelling an Item that was ordered alongside a Product, without cancelling the Product)

Below is an example list of Support Requests with one of each type: 

Handling Support Requests

When you first receive a Support Request it will be set to the status "Open". Upon clicking on the Request you will see the following view:

Here you can see: 

  • The date the request was created, and the date it was last updated
  • The details of the Person who made the request
  • The Request type
  • The initial Request message (submitted by the requester)
  • Internal Support Request Notes
  • Request Status

The Notes field is for internal note-taking use only - the requester will not be able to view these notes at all. This is intended for larger support teams where requests may be handled by multiple people, and is a central place to store information regarding that request.

The Status field is a drop-down which allows you to set the Status of the Support Request. These have no affect on what the requester sees, they are simply intended as an internal indicate for the status of the request. The available options are:

  • Open (all requests are set to Open upon submission)
  • Closed
  • Waiting on External
  • Transferred

Changing the status of a Request will change the colour it is in the list of Requests - see below for an example:

Updated for Jomablue 3.32.0 onwards

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