A Block is a configurable section of content in Community, which is made visible on a Canvas.

Block Types

All Blocks have a Block type, which defines what type of content is displayed in the Block. A list of Block Types, and examples of each type, can be found below:

  • Image Slider - a carousel of images

  • Custom Ad - a space in which images and text can be displayed to promote content in your Community. This Block type also records data points when users load the Canvas that the Block is on, or when they click on the Block

  • Featured Speakers - a space to promote specific Speakers
  • Featured Sessions - a place to promote specific Sessions

  • Featured Vendors - a place to promote specific Vendors

  • Vendor Lead Capture - a Block that allows a user to submit themselves as a Lead

  • Live Stream - a Block that displays a Live Stream

  • File Download - a space which makes files available for download

  • Vimeo Video - a Block that displays a Vimeo Video-On-Demand

  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) - a Block that can contain images and formatted text

  • Pigeonhole Live - a block that contains a text-based platform in which users can submit questions for a panel to answer via a Live Stream

Block Display Options

All Blocks have a number of generic styling options that are available to them, including:

  • Enabling or disabling the border of the Block
  • Removing the Block's background colour (making it transparent)
  • Setting the width of the block as it appears on the Canvas (Block height is usually set by the content within the Block itself)

Block Interactions and Actions

A number of Block Types record data when a user interacts with them - these are called Block Interactions. Examples include expanding a Featured Speaker panel, or playing/pausing video content. These data points are collected for post-event reporting, but they can also be assigned to Block Interaction Actions, such as sending a Campaign or recording a Custom Field.

Updated for Jomablue 5.7 onward

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