Community supports a number of Session styles, allowing for a range of audience and presenter experiences. Session styles available in Community include:

  • Live Stream - a Session delivered via a Live Stream. For this type of Session, the presenter(s) are located in a studio, or presenting via a Zoom meeting set up with live-streaming capabilities, and they present their content in real-time. Audience members can view the Session Canvas and watch the Live Stream, as well as participate in any other activites such as Live Q&A
  • Simulated Live Stream - rather than streaming a Session in real-time, a Simulated Live Stream can be set up so that from the audience's perspective, the Session appears to be live streamed (when in reality, it is pre-recorded, and streamed to the Session Canvas when the audience member loads that Canvas).

    Typically, a Simulated Live Stream involves a video-on-demand set up to auto-play when the Canvas is loaded, and is configured to not allow pausing or navigating within the video (to simulate a real live stream).

    Benefits of this method include being able to edit the video prior to delivering it, and avoiding speaker availability constraints. This style of Session is not typically used with Live Q&A - however, this can be achieved with a Live Stream scheduled directly after a Simulated Live Stream Session.
  • Video on Demand - a pre-recorded Session, which is made available to the user to watch, pause, and navigate within in their own time-frame. Video on Demand Sessions are similar to Simulated Live Stream Sessions, but don't typically include auto-playing the video upon loading the Session Canvas.

    Video on Demand Sessions can also be used to deliver previously-hosted Live Stream Sessions or Simulated Live Stream Sessions - so if your audience missed the initial Session, they are able to revisit the content at a later time and consume it at their own pace.

    Benefits of this Session type include the ability for an audience member to consume content at their own pace, and at any time they choose to do so. However, by nature this Session style doesn't support Live Q&A (as the panel answering the questions is not available on-demand like the video content is) - Q&A is better facilitated via a Lead Capture Block.

For more on Lead Capture Blocks, see this article

Updated for Jomablue 6.0 onward

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