A Video on Demand (VOD) Block is a space where you can add Video content to a Canvas. VOD Blocks are used for a number of purposes on a variety of Canvases, including:

  • Simulated Live Stream Sessions on Session Canvases
  • Video-on-Demand Sessions on Session Canvases
  • Displaying video content on Vendor Canvases
  • Displaying video content on the Lobby Canvas


A Video on Demand Block primarily contains a Video player, but it can also contain a heading (which can be especially useful when multiple VOD Blocks are used on the same Canvas).

An example can be seen below:


A Video on Demand Block has a number of configuration options - some of these options are configured in Jomablue, and some are configured in the video streaming platform embed settings (e.g. Vimeo video embed settings).

Blocks can be configured to auto-play video content, or require the user to click Play to start the video (this is configured in Jomablue).

Blocks can also be configured to show or hide video controls such as the playbar, volume controls, play/pause controls etc - however, these controls are configured using the video streaming platform embed settings.


When a user interacts with a Video on Demand Block, a number of interactions are recorded. Interactions that are recorded include:

  • Video loaded (i.e. the user has loaded a Canvas containing the VOD Block)
  • Video played (the user has played the video)
  • Video paused (the user has paused the video)
  • Video reached end (the user has reached the end of the video)
  • Video seeked (the user has used the playbar in the video to seek a specific part of the video

These Interactions can be configured to create Custom Fields associated with a Person record, and they are also stored for post-event manual reporting.

Updated for Jomablue 6.0 onward

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