Searching for a Person

If you are looking for a particular Person record, navigate to "People" where you can search by First Name, Last Name, or Company using the search field. The search will display the 10 most relevant results. 

When searching, you can search for: 

  • {First} 

  • {First} {Last}

  • {Last}

  • {Company}

If you don't know exactly who you are looking for, try Exploring People, by finding and clicking the button, similar to the one shown below.

Recent Additions & Recently Checked In

Recent Additions:
A list of people recently added to an event, displayed in descending order. They could be added by other users, registration forms, or other means. 

Recently Checked In:
A list of recent Badge print jobs. This is useful for troubleshooting if a person, after getting their e-ticket scanned, forgets which printer plinth to collect their name badge from.  If a Badge is printed twice in a short period of time, the person's name will appear twice. 

Adding a New Person

To add a new person, navigate to People > New Person.

When adding a new Person, it's important to consider populating as many fields as possible. This ensures consistency in data, as well as providing vendors with accurate data, if they are collected as a lead. 

The minimum required fields are: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Category Selection

The minimum recommended fields are: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • Email

  • Mobile

  • Category Selection

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