What is a Product?

Products are what people buy to attend your event. They can buy one, or many products. Each person that attends as a paid attendee, must purchase a product. 

A product must include: 

  • Admission to an event

A product can optionally include: 

  • Items for collection, such as merch bags, T-shirts or dinner tickets

How are Products Accessed

For the general public, products are displayed in Sites for purchase (generally via credit card). Not all Products are required to be displayed in a Site. For example, you may like to reserve a discounted product for Admin Orders only. For event administrators products can be added to an Order, and Manual Payment (EFT, Cash etc) or Free-of-charge (FOC) Orders can be generated.

Creating a New Product

  • Enter a Name and Description. 

  • Select an Admission type from the dropdown

  • Enter the Base Price to 4 decimal places (excluding tax)

  • Enter the Inventory (how many you want to sell of this product)

  • Add Items

  • Press Save

You can now add these products to Sites, via the Sites Tab.

Understanding Items

Items are additional things that are available to purchase, such as Gala Dinner Tickets, T-Shirt, Swag or other merchandise. Items can be added to a product as free of charge, or created to allow the person making the purchase to choose how many they want.

For example, for an Early Bird product, if you wanted to offer a free event T-shirt, you would configure the Item like this:

This restricts a person to only get one T-shirt free of charge, when buying this particular product. This is how it will appear in the Site, note that the QTY field can't be changed. 

In another example, we also want to offer people purchasing the Early Bird Offer the option to purchase a ticket to the Gala Dinner. Here are some rules we will follow: 

  • They don't have to attend the Gala Dinner

  • Each event attendee can purchase up to 2 tickets to the Gala Dinner

We would setup the Items within the Product like this: 

So in a Site, by default, the gala dinner QTY will be set to 0. But the person can optionally increase it to 2 and will be charged $281.8271 (ex tax) for each. Here is how it looks in the Site - notice the QTY field for Gala Dinner Ticket is now editable. 

Now that you have a understanding that Items belong within Products, you can change the configuration between Products. For example, the VIP product might contain a T-Shirt, and a Gala Dinner Free of Charge, where as the general Delegate Products have the option to purchase a Gala Dinner ticket at a price. This is all configured under each Product. 


A Product Inventory is how many of a particular Product you want to sell. This is specific to the Product. Keep in mind that a Product contains an admission to an event (a ticket), and that admission can be used across multiple Products. 

In other words, you might have "General Delegate" as an Admission.
This Admission type is shared across the Products "First Release", "Second Release" and "General Release".
Managing Inventory per Product allows you to: 

  • Allow 100 people to purchase "First Release"

  • Allow 100 people to purchase "Second Release" 

  • Allow up to 5000 to purchase "General Release 

When will "Sold Out" appear? 

Sold Out will display in the Sites when the number of Products sold, exceeds the Inventory. For example: 

Inventory: 100
Sold: 99
Remaining: 1 (before sold out is displayed)

Keep in mind this does include Products that are sold as Admin Orders. 

If you want to release more Products for purchase, simply increase the Inventory by the required amount. 

The images below depict how Sold Out appears in the Site, and inside Jomablue. 

Product Description

We recommend descriptions up to 300 characters. The image below highlights where the descriptions are displayed in the Site. 

The description can be used to explain the Product. For example, if the Product Name is 'Early Bird Delegate', the description might be similar to the following. 

Get in quick, as there is limited places at Early Bird rates. Early Birds get access to the 3 day conference between Monday 2nd November and Wednesday 4th. Early Birds also have the opportunity to buy limited edition merch. Get in quick!

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