Important: The creation of Custom Fields can affect registration forms, or how people use Jomablue. Ensure you understand these settings, before making changes. 

Important: before setting up your Custom Fields, it's important to have a plan for setting them up in a structured way. For more on how to plan your Custom Fields, see this article

What are Custom Fields?

Custom Fields are any field, or data attribute that are non-standard fields. Standard fields in Jomablue are: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • Email

  • Mobile

Examples of Custom Fields might be: 

  • Dietary Requirements

  • Postcode

  • State

  • Country

  • Office Phone Number

  • Marketing Campaign Id

Jomablue will accept Custom Fields via Jomablue Registration, bulk import, or manual entry. 

When using the Select type, we have a few commonly used options that you can select. 

  • Country 

  • Australian States

  • Dietary

  • Yes/No

Below is a diagram of the layout.

Copying Custom Fields

When you have multiple Events, you may have Custom Fields that are common to more than one Event. Rather than re-creating each Custom Field in every Event, you're able to simply copy a Custom Field from one Event to another.

To copy a Custom Field from another Event, simply start creating a new Custom Field in the target Event, and use the "Copy field from another event" drop-down menu (see the image below). Select the field you wish to use, and it will instantly fill out the Custom Field information. Be sure to click Save to save your work!

Defining Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be added to Jomablue via Registration, or bulk import without defining Custom Fields. In other words, Custom Field definition is not a required setting in most cases. 

Defining Custom Fields allows extended interaction with Custom Fields, in Jomablue. For example, once a Custom Fields is defined, you can make it editable by Jomablue users, or included in Vendor Lead Exports. There is also the ability to add pre-defined values to each field. 

A video demonstration of the process of defining a custom field can be found below:

Let's break down each field and it's purpose

An identifier for the Custom Field. It can't contain spaces or special characters. eg: job_role or dietary_requirements.

This field is limited to 191 characters in length.

This is what is displayed to users in Jomablue, eg: Job Role or Dietary Requirements.

This field is limited to 191 characters in length.

Used to display help information to portal users (not paid Registration pages). You can choose to leave this blank.

By default, no validation is applied (blank). If you would like to restrict what a person enters into the field, you can add one, or many validation rules. Learn more here

Available in Vendor Lead Export
If set to Yes, this Custom Field will be included in Vendor Lead Exports. Useful if fields such as State, or Postcode are expected by Vendors (providing the data was collected in the first place).

Editable on person record
If set to Yes, a Jomablue user can see, and edit the Custom Field values on a Person record. If set to No, the Jomablue user can view the Custom Field as read-only.  

Is this a required field?
This is if the field is required for portal users (not paid Registration pages).

Defines what Type of Custom Field it is. Options are to enter Text, or Selection from a list. E.g., for dietary requirements, options might be Vegan, Vegetarian, or None. When pasting this into the field, ensure there is no leading or trailing spaces, and there is one value per line .

Select Values
Only used if the field Type is Radio or Select. Paste all the possible options in here. If there are more than four values, we suggest using Selection. Radio is only good for True/False, Yes/No, or where there are is limited amount of values. 

Default Value
Only used for select and radio type custom fields. When populated, if it matches a value listed, it will be selected automatically for registration users. For example, you may have a select field of "Countries" but set the default value to the event country as it's likely most of your audience will be selecting this anyway. 

Show in the list of merge tags available in the email template editor
Determines whether or not this Custom Field will be available as a Merge Tag in the Email Template Editor.

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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