To create a new Event in your Instance, navigate to the Event List in your Instance, then click on the icon that looks like a plus (+) sign in a circle at the top-right of the page (see below):

Clicking this will bring up a form with a number of fields, each of which needs to be filled out to create the Event. Explanations of each field can be found below:

Field Explanation

Event Name:
The public facing event name. This will be used in emails and other public facing elements. 

Event Start Date/Time
When the event starts. This is used when representing sessions in the grid view and other time based calculations. 

Event End Date/Time
When the event ends. Amongst other things, this is used to calculate validating period for lead capture exports amount other important things. 

The timezone of the event. This is to ensure all times that are displayed in Jomablue are displayed in local time. The timezone is also used to ensure campaigns are sent at the correct local time. This must be set prior to scheduling campaigns. To find your timezone, look for the continent then location (eg: Asia > Singapore)

This is an estimate only, you can safely exceed this number without impact. It is the total number of people you expect to load into Jomablue, including speakers, staff crew delegates and anyone else. 

All of these field can be later updated via Settings after the event is created.

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