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Central to the configuration of your Event in Jomablue is the Event Settings page - this is where you set the date, time, timezone, and other information about your Event. To modify the Event Settings, navigate to Event Configuration > Settings. A description of all the fields can be found below:

About the Event

Event Name:
The public facing event name. This will be used in email and SMS messages, the Event App, and any public-facing element where the name of the Event is referenced.

Event Start Date/Time
When the event starts. This is used when presenting sessions in the grid view, calculating the expiry of vendor lead export links and other time based calculations. 

Event End Date/Time
When the event ends. This is used to calculate validating period for lead capture exports amount other important things. 

The timezone of the event. This is to ensure all time that are displayed in Jomablue are displayed in local time. The timezone is also used to ensure campaigns are sent at the correct local time. This must be set prior to scheduling campaigns. To find your timezone, look for the continent then location (eg: Asia > Singapore)


SMS From Name
11 characters maximum, no spaces or special characters.

Email From Address
This can be anything with the domain name @event-email.io.
For example: myevent@event-email.io or conference2020@event-email.io

Extended Detail

Session Restricted Message
When a person is not entitled to attend a session this message displays on the Session Check-In device. You can put information in here so that the usher can direct the person to the right location for further assistance. eg: "You're not entitled to attend, please see the information counter".

Short Description
A short description of your Event.

Long Description Used on the welcome page of the Event App. Use this to describe the event to people attending or people looking to attend the event. This is generally the same as the welcome text listed on the event website. 

Venue Name
Where is the event being held? This is free text so you can list multiple venues. This is displayed on the Event App welcome screen and the listing of events in the Event App. 

Venue Address
The physical address of the Venue of your Event.

Privacy Settings

Allow vendor lead exports to include mobile numbers
This setting determines whether or not mobile numbers will be included in the Vendor Lead Exports

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