Badge Settings

Can be used to add category codes to a persons badge (note: requires a custom badge layout) and the category priority. 

For example, you might like to identify a lanyard colour on a persons badge when it prints our of the Jomablue Smart Badge Printer. For example:

Delegates = Black Lanyard
VIP = White Lanyard

Using category codes, you can insert "BLK" for black and "WHT" for white. Providing you have also requested a custom badge layout, this will be printed on the persons badge. 

What happens if someone belongs to more than one category? 

Simple, that's where the Category Priority comes into play. The lower the number, the higher the priority. If a person has two categories, in this case Delegate and VIP, the category code with the lowest number will be printed on the badge. Here's an example: 

Delegates will receive a black lanyard
     Category Code = "BLK"
     Priority = 2

VIP will receive a White Lanyard.
    Category Code = "WHT"
    Priority = 1

If a delegate has both Delegate and VIP category, with the above configuration, "WHT" will be printed on their badge as it contains a lower priority number.

If a person belongs to more than one category AND each category has the same priority value, the category code for first category they belong too will be printed. This is undesirable and uncontrollable, so it's advised to never have two categories with the same priority. 

Insights Settings

Toggling this will include the category in the insights reporting. For example, if you wanted to exclude crew from all the insight charts and data tables, then set the Crew Category to "No". 

Note: This only affects the Organiser Insight dashboard. 

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