There are two sets of terms and conditions that require acceptance when using Jomablue Paid Registration. 

  1. Site Terms and Conditions. This is the acceptance of Sale, and will contain information that relates to cancellation policies, and other financial constraints on the order.

  2. Event Registration Terms and Conditions. Accepted when the person understands how their personal data will be used and managed at the event. We highly recommend disclosing the use of Smart Badges, and what data is stored in the Smart Badge. 

What do you need to provide? 

For Sites:
Each Site can have unique terms and acceptance text if desired.

  • Link to Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptance text (Up to 150 characters)

For Event Registration:
Event Registration Terms and Conditions are set on a per event level. No matter what customer category they belong to, or which Site a person purchases from, they will see the same Registration terms. 

  • Link to Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptance text (Up to 150 characters)

Important to note:

The acceptance checkbox is always un-checked, a user is required to check it, before they can continue

  • The checkbox has static text of "I accept" and can't be changed

  • Clicking on the terms and conditions will open them in new tab, or window


Event Registration
It's important to tell people about how their personal information is used at the event. Below is a sample that can be used to inform people about their Jomablue Smart Badge. This is an example only, and we strongly suggest you seek legal approval from your company first.

You will be provided with a Smart Badge (“Badge”) to be used by you at the Event. While onsite at the event it is a requirement to wear the Badge to identify you as an authorised attendee. The Badge contains no personal information other than that printed on it. It contains technology allowing you to use it as a digital business card and electronic key. The organiser may require you to use it to gain access to sessions and areas of the event. Exhibitors, Sponsors, the event organiser and other authorised companies at the event may provide you with a way for you to use it to provide them with your details. You do so at your own risk and the organizer makes no representations or warranties about how those third parties may retain, use or disseminate your information. If your Badge is misplaced or lost, you will advise the information counter so it may be deactivated. After the Event it is safe to dispose of your Badge as you wish as it will no longer work.

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