We strictly require e.164 mobile number formatting when importing people into Jomablue. If you are using Jomablue registration, the formatting is automatically applied. 

e.164 Formatting

The e.164 formatting is a globally recognised standard of formatting phone numbers. This ensure maximum chance of delivery when using SMS functionality within Jomablue. The format is as follows;

  1. + (plus symbol)

  2. International Country Calling Code

  3. Number

Conversion to e.164 Examples: 

Australian number: 0421 221 001
Becomes: +61421221001

US Number: (415) 555-2671
Becomes: +14155552671

UK number: 020 7183 8750
Becomes: +442071838750

Other information

  • Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of all country codes here.

  • As a general rule, when the country code is applied, the leading 0 is dropped. So 0400 000 000 becomes +6140 000 000 since there are no country codes that start with 0.

  • You can use the following sample Regular Expression (regex) as a starting point to validate numbers - note that this will not match with numbers containing a '0' after the '+':

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