To add Braintree as a Payment Gateway in Jomablue, you're required to retrieve the following details from Braintree and save them in Jomablue:

  • ISO Country code

  • Currency

  • Account ID

  • Merchant ID

  • Public Key

  • Private Key

  • Environment

ISO Country Code

ISO Alpha-2 of the country the account was setup for.

Quick References:
United States = US
Australia = AU
New Zealand = NZ
Singapore = SG

Merchant ID, Account ID and Currency

In Braintree, Navigate to Account > Merchant Account Info

Private and Public Keys

In Braintree Navigate to Settings > API Keys > Generate a New API Key


By default you should enter production
Unless you have specifically and knowingly configured a Braintree sandbox 

We have some recommendations for Braintree configuration here.
This includes enabling CVV checking.  

Adding Braintree to Jomablue

To add Braintree as a payment method in Jomablue:

  • Navigate to Configuration (Under Registration in the left hand menu)

  • Select Payment Methods

  • Press Add new Gateway

You can now copy in the details you retrieved from Braintree. 

Once you have entered the details in correctly, click Save and we will automatically validate the details for you.

Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onward

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