You can easily export a CSV report of all people in the event, no matter their registration status or if their badge is printed. The Export tool allows you to filter your export - you can filter your export based on any combination of the following options:

  • People who have or have not had their badge printed

  • People who belong to different categories

  • People who attended different sessions

How to generate a People report

To generate a People report, do the following:

1: Log in to the Jomablue Portal, and then click on People in the left-hand menu
2: Click on Export at the top-right of the screen to open the Export Tool

3: Set the filters that you wish your export to use (more information about the available filters is in the next section of this article)
4: Select the columns that you would like your report to contain (more information about the default and optional columns is in the next section of this article)
5: Click on Generate Export to start the generation of your export

6: Wait for the export generation process to complete.
: do not close your browser window until the export process is complete.

7: Once the process is complete the export is ready for you to download. Click Download CSV to download the CSV file containing your People report. You can also start another export process by clicking Generate new CSV. 

Filters and Columns

The Export tool allows you to customise the data that will be available in your export - you can filter the people that will be present in the report, and choose which columns of data your report will contain.

Filtering options

The following options are available to filter your data:

  • Badge Printed - you can include people who have had their badge printed, people who have not had their badge printed, or everyone

  • Categories - you can select people from specific categories to be included in your export - if you leave these blank then people from all categories will be included

  • Sessions - you can select people who attended specific sessions to be included in your report - if you leave these blank then all people will be included

Column options

The following columns are included by default in your export:

  • Jomablue UID (a Jomablue generated identifier)

  • Organisation UID (your system generated identifier)

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • Mobile

  • Email

  • QR UID


  • Status (registered or cancelled)

  • Import Type¬†

  • Attended (Y if they attended)

  • App User (Y if they are using the event app)

  • Mobile Suppressed (SMS Opt Out)

In addition, the following columns can be included in your report by checking the corresponding boxes in Step 4 of the export process outlined above:

  • Categories

  • Vendors

  • Vendor Journey

  • Item Entitlements

  • Session Related Content

  • Session Attendance

  • Session Check In

  • Session Check Out

  • Session Allow Entry

  • Session Journey

  • Touchpoints

For more information about each of the available columns in the Export, see this article.

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