This guide is presented in the sequence you should follow. It is not a comprehensive list, but is the minimum amount of information required to quickly launch a Site (i.e; doesn't include Integrations).

Create Event

Create the event, and populate the required details in Event Settings

Populate Event Settings 


  • Consider the Categories in the event, and enable, or create them. Try to reuse categories if they already exist

Create Custom Fields

  • Settings > Custom Fields. See here for more info¬†

Create Items

  • Add the Item, and the Item Descriptions. Groups are not needed for Paid Registration

Create Taxes

  • Will any products, or items contain Taxes? If so, add a new Tax, or copy an existing Tax

Create Admissions

  • Ensuring you select the Tax. Tax can't be edited after creation

  • Name and describe Admissions appropriately, these are public facing labels. See here for more info

Create Products

  • Add Products, ensuring Base price is to 4 decimal places. This ensures accuracy when applying coupons, and rounding

Create and Configure Sites

Configure Registration

Add Creative, Terms, and Confirmation messages

Add Payment Gateway

Create Coupons

If you're providing discounted options to Site visitors

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