There are several ways a person can pay an invoice, issued either as from admin order or if the 'Checkout by Invoice' option is enabled for the site they are purchasing from. 

  •  Credit Card
    The self service option. The user having received the invoice can follow the link on their invoice to pay by credit card. The link is automatically included at the bottom of the invoice (this is the link to the payment gateway being used for the event). 

  • Manual Payment (EFT, Check, Cash)
    The manual payment options include EFT transfers, cheque or cash payment. Once the invoiced amount is received you can update an order status in Jomablue to be payment_received.

Payment via Credit Card

The most common way to receive payment is by Credit Card. Their invoice contains a unique URL link for that order. The recipient can then enter their credit card and immediately pay for the order. 

Payment via Credit Card (as opposed to Manual Payment) saves you time as the process is completely automated and requires no intervention from your Event Team. 

Once paid, an updated invoice and registration link is automatically sent. They can now activate their Registration.

Manual Payment

Manual Payment is a generic term for receiving funds by an alternate means to Credit Card Payment. Generally speaking this is by EFT. 

The manual payment instructions are configured on the Registration tab. These instructions are included on the bottom of the invoice and also available on the Invoice Payment Page. 

Please note: the Manual Payment Instructions text is limited to 191 characters

Once a Manual Payment has been made, the Site visitor notifies your Event Team that payment has been made. However, this is an optional step. The link to notify is included in the footer of the invoice and notification appears in the Order Log on an Order. 

Once a Manual Payment has been made and you can confirm you have received the funds (e.g: after a bank account reconciliation) you can update the Order status to Payment Received. This will automatically send a invoice and registration links to the user. 

Transitioning a payment_pending order to payment_received is done like this:

Cancelling a Payment Pending Order

For orders in the status of payment_pending, the user can self-initiate a cancellation of their order. This can only be done before the funds have been received. A user can cancel the order by pressing cancel this order on the Payment Required page.

They will then be asked to provide a reason before the order is cancelled.  No email communication is sent after the cancellation is confirmed.

Alternatively Jomablue administrators can cancel the order by pressing Cancel Order on the Order Details page, as shown below.

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