This guide will help you run Braintree reports, to identify which Event each transaction belongs to. 

When running a report in Braintree, you will notice the Order ID number looks like the examples below. 

You can see Order ID is shown as a number, hyphen, followed by another number. This is how to understand the Order ID in Braintree:

In other words, the first number is the Event ID in Jomablue. These are sequential, numbered in order of when each Event was added in Jomablue. 

The second number is a sequential Order ID, for every order that takes place in Jomablue, for that Event.

Where do I find the Jomablue Event ID?

From the list of events, you can see the Event ID listed for each event next to the # (on the left hand side of the event item)

How is this useful?

This is a standard field in Braintree, so the Order ID's will appear in the reporting. In addition, Braintree offers search capabilities on the Order ID within the Dashboard, which will allow you to build a report based on a single event. 

Here is an example of that search field criteria in Braintree. 

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