When using Jomablue Lite, the following fields are available to print on a badge. 

First Name
Last Name
Job Title

All fields are optional and you can set any configuration you like. eg: You could use First Name only or First Name and Company Name. 

Designing a Badge

The badge layout is done per iPad, which means you will have to replicate the design if using multiple iPads at your event. To adjust the layout: 

  • Navigate to the Settings Page (Cog Icon from the Events List)

  • Select Badge Layout

Here, you can choose the desired badge size, configure the position and styling of each of the fields. 

Editing Each Field

For each field Added to your badge you can:

  • Choose the Font

  • Choose the Size

  • Apply Bold or Italic Style

  • Set the Alignment

To edit these, simply;

  •  Add an element to the Badge. 

  • Tap on that element to display the boundary boxes

  • Then you can configure the font, styles and alignment

  • Don't forget to press Save

Printing a Test

To print a sample, you can print your own badge from the event. 

  • Save your badge Layout and press the < Back arrow

  • Navigate < Back from the settings page

  • Select the event

  • Search for your name and print! 

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