When creating Survey questions, you can use one or more of the following response formats:

  • Text

  • Select

  • Multi-Select

  • Radio

  • Radio (horizontal)

  • Range

  • Rating


A free text field where responses can be typed in. 


A user selects from one of the options presented in a dropdown style list.


A user can select one or many responses to a question.


Select one of the options. Radio options are always presented, unlike a Select field where the options are presented in a dropdown. Use Radio buttons if there are less than 5 possible short response options. 

Radio Horizontal

Designed for short options only (such as numbers).


A sliding scale that allows the user to select 1 through 5. The numbers are fixed, and can't be altered. 


5 Yellow stars are presented to the user and represent the values 1 through 5. 

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