In Jomablue, all Sessions added are automatically included in the Community Agenda list. Although you can easily hide sessions if you don't want them publicly visible. 

To create and publish a Session

  • Create a Location for the Session if you have not done so already

  • Navigate to Sessions > New Session

  • Populate the Name (191 character limit), Description, Start and Finish Date/Times and the Location.

  • Click Save, and the Session will become visible in Community. 

A video demonstrating this process can be found below:

Preventing a Session from Displaying in Community

To prevent a Session from being listed in the Agenda, you can set the Session to Not Visible in Community.

  • Navigate to Sessions > Click on the Session 

  • Under Visible in Community, Select No and press Save

  • Sessions will be instantly removed from the Community

Session Filtering with Traits

Traits are a way to group Sessions so that users can easily identify and find Sessions that would be useful to them. These are presented to a user as Filters in the Agenda. More in-depth instructions on configuring Traits in Jomablue can be found in this article.

Session Locations

To create a Session, you need to have created a Location for the Session to belong to. For instructions on how to create a Location, see this article.

Session Display Order

In the Agenda view within Community, Sessions are displayed in order by start date and then by start time. However, you may have multiple Sessions starting at the same time during your event. In this case, these Sessions are grouped together and displayed in the order that they were entered into the Jomablue platform.

For example: if your event has 3 tracks with Sessions commencing at the same time, to display the tracks in order (i.e. "Track 1", "Track 2", "Track 3"), you would need to enter the Track 1 Sessions into Jomablue first (followed by Track 2 etc etc).

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onwards

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