Once you have created your Exhibitors or Sponsors in Jomablue, you'll be able to add them to your Community - you'll need to do this if you want your attendees to be able to check out your Exhibitor or Sponsor profiles in your Community.

To make an Exhibitor or Sponsor visible in the Community you can toggle the Visible in Community to Yes.

Populating Exhibitor Details for the Community

In the Community, the following fields are displayed. We recommend you complete all fields included in Exhibitor Detail, for each Exhibitor. Additionally, when saving a Exhibitor you will be asked to populate the Exhibitor domain name. This is used for exporting their Leads, but will not display in the Community. 

  • Display Name

  • Website

  • Exhibitor Logo (ideally a 500x500px png or jpg)

  • Description

A Exhibitor logo is not required, although highly recommended for a user experience.
If the website address is not provided, Community members do not see the "Visit Website" link. 

Here is a example of Exhibitor/Vendor details populated in Jomablue: 

Here is an example of how the Exhibitor Detail page looks in the Community:

Exhibitor Canvases

In addition to the Exhibitor Detail page, an Exhibitor can have a link to an Exhibitor Canvas, which is a fully customisable page which can contain blocks of a number of different content types. For more information on Canvases, see this article.

Display Order

In the Vendor List within Community, Vendors are displayed in alphabetical order. However you may wish to group different Vendors (e.g. by Sponsorship Level or any other relevant grouping) - in this case the Groups are displayed in alphabetical order. For more on how to group Vendors, see this article.


While "Vendors" is the term typically used at Jomablue to describe the owners of booths in your Exhibition or Expo, you may wish to customise how they are referred to within Community. Community also supports the customisation of language including how Vendors are referred to - to do so, refer to this article.

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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