Custom Pages can be used to add additional useful information to your Community. They are fully customisable static HTML pages so they can be used for any purpose, but these often include: 

  • FAQ's about your Community or your event in general

  • Formatted lists of Sponsors or Partners

  • CPE/CPD Accreditation details 

  • Printable versions of your Agenda

Any edits made to a Custom Page are immediately visible upon pressing Save.
If you don't see the change straight away, it could be because of caching

The specifics of a Custom Page

Here is a explanation of all the elements of a Custom Page

This is an internal name (only visible to event administrators) to help you manage the pages in Jomablue

Menu Icon
Jomablue uses the Material Design icon set - these icons can be displayed in the menu. The complete list of icons is available to view here

Menu Label
This is a short word or two that is displayed in the Community Menu

Header Title
This is a slightly longer word or three that describes the page. This can be identical to the Menu Title, or it can be a longer version (for example, "FAQ" as the Menu Label, and "Frequently Asked Questions" as the Header Title)

This is the main content of your Custom Page. Content in this section is edited via a WYSIWYG editor, no coding knowledge is required.

A number increasing from 1. Custom Pages are displayed in the Community menu in a group, and this field sets the Order in which this page will appear in that group.

This can be used to toggle the page on or off - so if you need to make the page invisible or visible for any reason, this is how you can do it.


Here is an example of a Community menu containing two Custom Pages - "Courses" and "FAQ"

Below is an example of the FAQ Custom Page:


It is recommended you load images of at least 800px wide if you're trying to place a "full width banner" across the page.

For devices that have a width of less than 800px the image is automatically scaled down until it fits within the device width (aka 'style="max-width:100%)

This article is an overview about Custom Pages in Community. For instructions on how to create Custom Pages in Community, see this article.

To learn more about how to use the Content Editor, read this article

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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