Before setting up Sessions in Jomablue, you need to create Locations. Locations are used to indicate where a Session will be taking place - either in an online stream, or in a physical location (for in-person events).

To create a Location

  • Navigate to Locations

  • Select New Location

You can then populate the details of the Live Stream, Keynote, or simply enter "Online" in the Location name (for online-only events), or enter the details of the Theatre or meeting room.

Location Name (required)
For Online/Community events, use the Stream/Track name, or simply "Online".

For in-person events, use the Theatre or Meeting Room name.

Description (optional)
Friendly description, not displayed anywhere in Community

Log Exits (required)
This is a feature that affects in-person events only. For Community events, select "No".

For in-person events, mark this as Yes if you want to enable Session Check Out mode when using the Jomablue Session Attendance Management feature

Updated for Jomablue 6.1 onwards

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