In Community, Speakers can be displayed as a tiled page of Speaker Profile pictures (with each Speaker's name, job title, and organisation as a caption), or as a list of Profile pictures with the Speaker details next to them. These views can be toggled via a button at the top right hand corner of the page (examples of each view can be found further down in this article).

In either view, the following fields are displayed: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name 

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • Picture

Users can search for Speakers using the Search bar at the top of the list view. As the user types in the search bar, the list of Speakers visible will update to show search results in real time. Search results return Speakers based on matching Name, Job Title, or Company.

If a profile picture isn't uploaded for a Speaker, the thumbnail is blank white. If a speakers job title and company isn't included in their profile, white space is displayed. e.g:


Example of the Speaker Profile tile view in Community:

Example of the Speaker Profile list view in Community:

Speaker Profiles

You can also view more detail about the Speaker when selected. This includes social media links and a bio. Included will also be a list of all Sessions that Speaker is included in. 

Important things to note: 

  • Social links only appear if they are populated 

  • An email icon will appear if the email address is populated

  • Clicking on any social or email icons will open in a new window

  • Clicking on a Session will take the user through to that Session

  • The Bio supports HTML using the content editor

  • Although a well composition photo of the speakers face is recommended. We automatically centre images on the persons face.

If you're looking for 'how to add Speakers' including limits and recommended sizes go here

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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