Community Pages support the use of Custom HTML (instead of using the Content Editor - see link at bottom of page for more info) - this basic HTML support can support the following HTML tags:


<h1..h6> … </h1..h6>

All six levels of Headings, with 1 being the most important on a page and 6 being the least. These elements are used to describe content sections on a page.

Grouping Content

<div> … </div>

A generic container used to denote a page section or block.

Paragraphs of Text

<p> … </p>

This foundational tag is used to organize paragraphs of text.

Line Breaks


Creates a line break (or old-school carriage-return), useful for writing blocks of text that need to be on different lines (think addresses, etc.)

Horizontal Rules


Creates a horizontal rule, a sectional break in an HTML page. Typically used to denote a change in topic or section of a page.


<img src="">

An image tag to include and display image files. The images must be hosted externally when using the image tag. 

Strong or Bold Text 

<b> … </b> 
<strong> … </strong>

Indicating STRONG emphasis, displayed bold in most browsers.

Another way to create bold text, however it’s more for drawing attention as opposed to emphasizing extra emphasis like the previous tag.

 <a href=””> 

A hyperlink to another website. 

Other HTML elements available: 

  • HTML Tables

  • HTML Ordered and Unordered Lists

Not Supported

  • Scripts 

  • Embedded Videos

For more information on the Content Editor, see this article.

Updated for Jomablue 6.1 onwards

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