Admin Orders are Orders created by you, the Jomablue administrator. Admin Orders have several benefits: 

  • They circumvent any inventory limits imposed on Site visitors 

  •  They allow you to customize the Product, and the Items included in an Order, without being imposed by any limits, from the configurations that are set for Sites

  • They allow you to accept payment methods other than credit card

  • They provide a way to make an Order 100% free-of-charge (FOC)

Once an Admin Order is created, you can then send the invoice to the recipient, or send the Registration Activation links directly. 

How do I create an Admin Order? 

  • Navigate to Orders 

  • Select New Order 

  • Select the Payment Method

  • Enter a purchase order number (optional)

  • Populate the billing details (required even when it's free-of-charge)

  • Select Add Product to configure your Product, and Items for this Order

  • Configure the Product, ensuring you add Items if required. Then select Add to Order

Pro Tip: you can easily duplicate the Product, and Item configuration after it as been added to the Order. 

  • Finally, press Generate Order (top right). Your Admin Order will appear at the top of Recent Orders

For FOC Admin Orders, the Registration links can be shared/used immediately.
For paid Admin Orders, the Order must be marked as payment_received before the Registration links will work.

How do I register a FOC Admin Order?

Once a FOC Admin Order has been created, the Registration Links within the Order can be shared or used immediately. To access the Registration links, locate the Order you have created within the Recent Orders list as above. 

To share the Registration Link(s), use the Send Reg Links button at the top right hand corner of the Order view (see below).

To access individual Registration Links, click on the Copy Registration button to copy the Registration Link to your clipboard (see below). These can be registered straight away, or shared manually if desired.

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