Alert 1:

Please check your organisation name, username and password. If you continue receiving this error, your account might have expired. Please contact

This error message means that you may have mis-typed the name of your organisation, your username, or your password. Double check that you have entered all these details correctly. 

If the error message persists then your account may have expired and you will need to get in touch with us. Please contact us at and include the name of your organisation and details of the error message in your email.

Alert 2:

Please check your internet connection and try again.

This message means that your iPad is experiencing connectivity issues. To resolve this open the Control Centre by swiping down the right hand side, from the top of the screen. Look at the box at the top left and ensuring the following:

  • The Airplane Mode icon (top left) is not highlighted

  • The Mobile Network icon (top right) is green

  • The wi-fi icon (bottom left) is white

  • The Bluetooth icon (bottom right) is blue

Simply tap the icons to toggle them. The Control Centre should look like this:

If you've ensured these settings are all correct and still see the same error message, contact us at

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