Session Related Content is content that can be sent to a guest via email or SMS upon check-in to a Session. This feature can be used if there is content that you would like all attendees of a Session to receive. This content will be sent to the attendee when their Smart Badge is tapped on the Session Check-In Device and will make the content available for the guest to download immediately if desired.

Session Related Content can be sent in the form of an email and/or a SMS. Email-based Session Related Content can include text, images and files to download, whereas SMS-based Session Related Content can only include text and hyperlinks.

For each piece of Session Related Content you will need to provide the following:

  • The Session which you want the content to be sent from

  • Any text that you want to be included (including external hyperlinks)

  • Any images or logos that you want to be included, including banners, logos, and any other images to be included in the content (email only)

  • Any files that you want to be included with the content (email only)

To configure Session Related Content, follow the guide provided in this article.

An example of the screens seen during Session Related Content functionality can be seen here:

A short demonstration of the Session Related Content experience can be seen here:

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