Jomablue has built in e-Ticket campaign functionality, which automatically handles the personalization and building of e-Ticket links. However, there might be scenarios where you want to build the links, for use externally. 

e-Ticket Overview

Every Person in Jomablue automatically has an e-Ticket created as part of their record. There is no step required to generate e-Tickets.

e-Tickets are a custom URL for each Person, that renders their QR Code, and presents their name. In addition, content can be added to the custom content area of the e-Ticket. 

More on e-Ticket Templates

URL Construction

The e-Ticket URL's can be constructed with some knowledge of how URL's work, as well as a People Export from Jomablue. The export will contain all the data required to construct the URL, but some manual filtering and construction will be required, in order to obtain links, for segments of people.

Important: The people export will require filtering by status, category, custom_fields, or badge already printed, to ensure you don't send out e-Ticket links to people that shouldn't receive them. 

Keep in mind: A person has only one e-Ticket per event. There is the option to change the content displayed inside the e-ticket, but the qr_uid will always remain the same for an event. 

An e-Ticket URL contains

  • Base URL (the URL of your Jomablue organization)

  • Event identifier (ask Jomablue if you're unsure)

  • qr_uid (the unique identifier for a Person)

  • content identifier (an ID number of the content you which to display to a user)

Example e-Ticket URL's for a Person:
(this is a non-working link)

Breaking this down even further to identify the attributes in the e-Ticket URL:

Finding the Content ID

The content ID is the ID of the e-Ticket Template. 

Select Templates > e-Ticket

Click on a template, the, you can see the content ID as part of the URL. In this case, it's content ID 2.


Links can be tested by simply following the link in your browser. You will see the name on the e-Ticket, matches the name in your Person Export. 


  • Please advise Jomablue of any e-Ticket campaigns scheduled to ensure we can support you. 

  • Do not add any tracking parameters as this may have unexpected results.

  • Be careful when dragging formulas in excel, as incorrect references could copy the same e-Ticket for all people.

  • We don't recommend using URL shorteners as it might create undesired effects.

  • Always link to https:// (not http://).

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