The Community is accessed in a web browser, which means you can include a link to the Community in pre-event communication, emails or other activity.

The URL is the same for all platforms (i.e. no different stores for Android vs Apple), including desktop browsers.

You can find your Community URL by navigating to Community Settings, and pressing Go to Community

The new window/tab that is launched will contain the URL you can share with Attendees. Example url: Use this type of URL if you are going to publicly advertise a url (eg printing on a paper guide).

Direct Linking

Directly linking to pages inside the Community is supported. For example, you might want to directly link to a particular event, or a specific page within the Community - such as the Login page, Agenda or Vendors.

This is extremely useful if you wanted to send an SMS upon check in to a Session, that links users directly to the Session detail, within the Community. 

Let's say, you have multiple Events in the Community and you want to link people directly to the Event they are attending, not the full Calendar of Events. Simply navigate to the page you would like people to land on, and directly copy and publicise the URL. 

(ensure you copy the URL from your Event App so the link works correctly)

Link directly to an Event:

Link Directly to the Agenda:

Link Directly to a Vendor Profile:

Important: Don't link to pages that require authentication, such as Networking or the Feed. This will result in the user receiving an error message. You can easily test that the URL you have doesn't require authentication, by testing the link in Incognito mode. If you see the page, you're good to go.

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