If the Smart Badge is to be inserted into pouches you can choose to use either the Jomablue pouch or you may wish to manufacture and provide your own pouch.

Using the Jomablue pouch

The Jomablue pouch has been designed and is continually being improved upon to provide an easy to use pouch matching the size of the Smart Badge with minimal cost.

Pouch Insert

The pouch insert sits within the pouch behind the Smart Badge (when inserted). As a standard the pouch insert is printed one side, however it is possible to have the insert printed double-sided. The insert can be designed either by the Jomablue designer or by a client designer.

Pouch Insert Printing

The printing of the insert is typically managed by Jomablue, however it can be printed by the client if so desired.

Assembly of inserts into pouches

Once printed, the inserts need to be assembled with the pouches prior to arrival at the event. Jomablue can arrange for the assembly or this can be arranged by the client if so desired.

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