If you would like to provide Jomablue with walk-in machine hardware, it must meet a minimum specification. This is to ensure it works well in the event environment both logistically and technically.

Jomablue recommends using Microsoft Surface tablets with the Type Cover accessory. These offer a large easy-to-read display with touch capability as well as a tactile keyboard with a touchpad, and easily fit all the minimum required specifications for our walk-in forms.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows Operating System

  • Minimum resolution of 1200 x 800

  • Dual Band Wifi (2.4ghz and 5ghz)

  • Chrome Web browser Installed

  • No screensaver or auto lock timeouts

  • Tactile QWERTY Keyboard

  • Antivirus software installed and up to date

If devices do not meet the minimum requirements, devices may incur additional configuration charges or may be unable to be used for the event.


Jomablue requires the hardware to be delivered for configuration a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event. At the time of providing the hardware, please provide any login passwords or elevated permission credentials. Generally confirmation is minimal and limited to configuring Chrome to run in Kiosk mode.


Fees may be charged to configure and support these devices onsite as they require additional training for our onsite teams. 


If the devices are used on a roadshow or Jomablue are transporting the units to and from or between events, there may be additional luggage costs for Jomablue to ship the devices.


Although all care is taken, Jomablue is not liable for the damage caused by users of the device while at the event or damage obtained in transport.

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