We recommend building your walk-in counters to the following specifications (the following example is a 2-station counter):

  • 1: The counter should be 1100mm (43") high, 600mm (23") deep, and the width should be 900mm (35") per registration station, but no wider than 3600mm (140") or 4 registration stations. This is to ensure that the counter top does not sag. If more registration stations are required, multiple units end-to-end are recommended.

  • 2: If multiple counters are set up end-to-end, holes for cable management need to be drilled in the side walls between each counter. Ensure that these holes are at the same position on each counter so they line up.

  • 3: Holes need to be drilled in the counter-top for cable management. We recommend one hole per registration station (this looks the neatest), however up to 1 hole per 3 registration stations is permissible. Additionally, at least one cable hole per shelf is required.

  • 4: The Walk-In Registration sign at the top is optional, but recommended, as it will increase visibility and is an opportunity for branding.

  • All cable holes need to be at least 50mm (2") in diameter.

  • If you have multiple counters, the front panel of the counter can be a single piece across all counters to allow for continuous branding or logos, and the counter-top can also be a single continuous piece.

Power requirements include:

  • One power outlet per registration station

  • Two power outlets per Jomablue Smart Badge printer

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