Over the many events partnering with customers we have come to understand how the smallest of items in the Event Check-in experience help contribute to the best experience. Below is the Jomablue plinth specification for Jomablue Event Check-in to support the best experience for your event.

In some cases a stand/expo builder may have a pre-built plinth that is a cheaper option than the below specification. If this is the case, please consult with your Project Manager in case a pre-built option will satisfy the needs.

The below plinth specifications are suggested to fit two Jomablue Smart Badge printers on top comfortably;

  • An internal shelf is required for the placement of tablets that connects to each printer along with cabling. The shelf is to be no less than 1/3 from the top of the plinth.

  • The back section of the plinth is left open to provide access to the internal shelf and ensure equipment ventilation.

  • A cable hole is required (drilled) towards the back of the plinth-top in the centre. This allows cables from the printer on top to be fed to the equipment on the below shelf.

  • Plinth numbers should be placed at a height above head. Its location above head height is important to ensure it is clearly visible from a distance. Signage on the plinth below waist height is quickly hidden when people are near it/standing at it. Your Project Manager will consult with you on the best numbering signage for your event.

  • Where 3 or more plinths are used we require 2 separate power circuits. This has proven to be an important requirement to mitigate the risk of impact should one circuit fail.

  • Each plinth requires power including 1 power board (with 4 outlets).

  • Lanyard holders (arms) are required attached to each plinth. The number of arms is dependent on the number of variations of lanyard. Please consult with your Project Manager.

Note: The measurements below are an approximate only

Click here to view some examples from previous events.

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